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Palm Tarot Card Reading,  

Carl John is a professional tarot reading and close up magic performer with over 4 decades of experience. His blend of tarot reading and Palm reading will keep you and your guests entertained. From a birthday party to a wedding or a corporate event, Carl John offers a unique experience that will leave your guests amazed.

What makes Carl John stand out from other readers is his ability to do a palm-reading for you over a video chat. So even if you can’t attend his show physically, you can still get the same experience. Let Carl John bring the magic to you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tarot Cards for psychic Party

Psychic Party's 

Looking for a night out with a difference?

A night of wonders at your home or somewhere else?

Then why not try a Psychic Party Night?

Were you can experience Past life regression Have we been here before?

1 on 1  Tarot card and Palm readings

Take part in psychic experiences   

It’s a night with your friends like no other!

With Mind Reading Mentalism style Entertainments.

A Theatrical recreation of a Victorian séance.

You only need a minimum of 6 people.

And the booker gets a reading for free.

Perfect for fun spooky night in, or as a fund raiser for your venue.  

Palm Reading
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